23 February 2009

Jackie Ashley twists and turns


In her weekly column Mrs Marr deals in vain as she attempts to put the toothpaste back in the tube over her mad rumour of last week.

She begins:

You couldn't make it up. Except they did.

Really!  Who reported the story and was shown to have poor judgement by doing so.

She motors on:

It's just another swirl in the endless Westminster eddy and I've been around long enough to laugh at it.

But you did not laugh Jackie.  You went ahead and wrote up the story.  Whether Harman was the source of the leak is irrelevant.  In doing so, you just added fuel to the fire about the turmoil going on in the Cabinet.

And then:

There are plenty of issues that are more interesting than Hattie-gate…

Yes there are but your story last week was not about Harman, it was about Brown.  Our PM is very important, even though you may not think so.

The rest of the article deals with a totally unrelated matter that Mrs Marr, a week after she sends the Labour Party into a needless tail spin, now considers of far greater importance.

Jackie Ashley demonstrated poor judgement in what she reported last week.  She is more interested in gossip than in the substantial matter of whether Brown has right skill set to be our Prime Minster.   Stick to the shopping!

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