23 February 2009

Mandy, LDV and Harriet Harman


The press is making much of the difficult position Mandy is in over the the bail out of LDV, which is owned by his friend, the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.  This is nonsense.  The decision that has to be made is a commercial one.  It is nothing to do with friendship, conflict of interest or anything else.

What LDV is asking for a a short-term loan while it it negotiates a long-term deal with the European Investment Bank.  All Mandy has to do is pack his friend off to the nearest bank and ensure that they get the loan.  The story is a storm in a tea cup.  The problem only becomes real if LDV fails to negotiate the long-term deal.

This little issue is much more explosive:

Plans to axe new laws that would increase costs for businesses, including enhanced maternity leave and tougher equality legislation, are threatening to blow open a Cabinet rift over how Labour should respond to the economic downturn.

What is the logic of this.  Wait for it:

Senior figures say many of the policies targeted are those promoted by Ms Harman.

Who is it that is perceived to be attempting to destabilise Moses at present?

Brown says that he spends all his waking hours saving the economy.  What he really does is spend all his waking hours burying any colleague that happens to disagree with him.

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