27 February 2009

A Government that has lost control of events


Scanning the papers, the news just hits you.  The Goodwin pension fiasco; further bank bail-outs and the underwriting of toxic debts; the Royal Mail shambles; the admission of rendition; the rise in teenage pregnancy rates; King’s comments on borrowing and lack of regulation; and a possible renationalisation of the railway operators.  If that wasn't enough, Lloyds will report on Friday.

On top of all that the Cabinet have declared civil war.  Brown has little authority left to maintain discipline and can’t even sack rebellious PPS’s.  This is a Government that is disintegrating before our eyes.

An address to Congress is normally given to a world statesman at the height of their power.  Next week’s performance by Brown will be viewed as the last throw of the disc by a desperate man, leading a worn-out Government devoid of ideas.

The polls may well fluctuate.  Brown may get the odd boost.  Little good this will do.  This Government is decaying and has lost control of events.  Once the rot sets in there is nothing that can be done, as Macmillan (‘62-‘63), Callaghan (‘78-‘79) and Major (‘92-‘97) demonstrated.

The effective life of this Government has come to an end.

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