20 February 2009

Steve Richards speaks but does not think


Is there an unwritten rule amongst Fleet Street’s finest which says, “Everybody else has done a column on this, so I should”.

Steve Richards writes in his usual plodding way about Labour’s turmoil, and then:

 It is still possible that Brown might go of his own accord before an election, without a new job offer. When things were going badly last time around, he told an ally that he felt guilty about what was happening to Labour under his watch. If he felt a Tory victory could be prevented by his departure he would consider going. I suspect that Brown would do anything to stop Cameron and Osborne securing power, including stepping down for a vote-winning alternative.

Come again!

Richards is suggesting that a PM would go due to his unpopularity before he faces the electorate.  A Prime Minister has a duty to defend himself to the electorate at the end of his term in office.  Nothing else will do.  What reasons would Brown give?  When would he go?  How would Labour elect it’s new leader in these circumstances relative to the complicated leadership election rules?

What Richards is suggesting is not plausible.  Back to a blank sheet of paper.

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