24 February 2009

Mandy, with the help of Nick Robinson, can’t stop himself


Mandy reverts to type as he attempts to manipulate the sell off of the Royal Mail.  A letter to Mandy, from Jane Newell, chairman of the trustees, has been leaked:

without a sale of part of the business, the pension fund deficit would be far greater than the £5.9 billion envisaged in the Hooper report into the Royal Mail’s future.

According to Nick Robinson the letter wasn't leaked, as it was on a press release.   That totally misses the point.  It is obvious why the letter was “publicised” now.  Why should the BBC even make a point of highlighting this?

Two days before the Bill is introduced, Mandy is intimidating the 140 plus rebel MP’s.

How the pension shortfall and the sell-off are related beats me.

Desperate stiff that will only isolate Mandy even more from the rebel MP’s that include John Prescott and Peter Hain.

Mandy, with the BBC’s Nick Robinson by his side, ensure the turmoil in the Labour party goes on.

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