16 February 2009

The Road to the G20


At the G7 finance meeting in Rome it is reported that Japan's Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa appeared to be drunk at the press conference that followed.

He has privately apologised to colleagues.  However he did admit he would not be able to overcome his drink dependency in time for the G20.  He explained to colleagues that drink was the only way he would be able to see himself through the G20, as he would have to listen to a one Gordon Brown speak for hours on end without interruption.  This reasoning was accepted unanimously.

Meanwhile the arrangements for the Obama rally continue apace.  Jackie Ashley has been drafted in by Moses to organise the rally.  It is reported that she phoned Brown to apologise over her article in Monday’s Guardian and to make amends, Jackie offered to organise the rally.

Jackie has suggested that the event be held on the Sunday morning following the G20.  Her reasoning is that there little on the telly at this time, and the BBC would have little trouble clearing the usual schedule.  She further made the point that kids watching at this time love to see guys with big ears.

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