15 February 2009

Blog wars – Should they stop?

I have been thinking for a few days about posting about the scrap between Ian Dale and Derek Draper over the Carol Thatcher saga.  Then Guido Fawkes joined in on the matter of Draper’s qualifications.  Now 10 Drowning Street has it in for Dale over a Twitter Iain posted last night.  It is time to speak out.

I do not want to get into the rights or wrongs about what they are saying, although I do recognise that certain allegations have been made.  What concerns me is this.  I am not convinced that the blogosphere is meant for these attacks and counter attacks.  There too much energy being spent by the above authors on these various matters.  We face huge economic as well political issues.  It is likely that Brown will finally be exposed about his complicity relative to the banking crisis.

Surely these wider issues are what the political blogs should be concentrating on at present?  Why can’t issues between the blog authors, if there are any, be taken off line?

I started a blog a few months ago because I wanted to contribute, make a few points and hopefully have some fun.  What I do not want to do is attack bloggers.  We should stick together as a community.  All political blogs will play a vital part in the forthcoming political battle leading up to and including the election.   We should concentrate on the issues.

I am new to this medium, I am learning all the time, I maybe right or wrong .  Others will say.  What I am suggesting is Dale, Fawkes and Draper should get together, resolve their differences off line and move on.

Aren't we in the danger of destroying what we are meant to be here for?

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  1. I agree. That's why you should read my recent post about Gordon Brown's educational discrimination.

  2. Very interesting. I like your blog. I will follow you.

    I hope the above gets picked up Dale. We shall see.

  3. Thanks for your kind remarks. I whole heartedly agree with the sentiments of this blog. This partisan ping-ponging is beginning to try my patience with these reputable blogs. I just hope that they can all learn to coexist in a more than accomodating blogosphere that floats alone in cyber-space.

  4. I agree with your sentiments, and I have tried to be restrained, but when someone calls you a racist, surely you would agree that you can't let that stand.

  5. Iain, I take your point and I mentioned in my post that, "I do recognise that certain allegations have been made"

    I hope you consider what I say and take it up. You are in a much better position to do this than me. If you solve the issue, I am sure it will be to your credit.

  6. I am still not sure why anyone would want to give Draper any oxygen of publicity but Iain is right to refute unfounded allegations of racism.

    In the longer term (ie a couple of months) Draper will be unpleasant memory so don't get all het up about Labour boys who never grow up.