20 February 2009

In Hazel Blears interest


I don't doubt Blears meant what she said that night:

My message to my colleagues is simple: get a grip. Our first loyalty is to the British people. If they think that we are more interested in our own jobs than theirs, they will not forgive us. If the mindset is all about what happens after some future election defeat, then the game's up.

However she is a politician first and foremost, and obviously ambitious.  She has a fairly safe Labour seat of nearly 8000 and will almost certainly be returned at the election, unlike many of her colleagues.  This may put her in a pivotal position shouldwhen Labour suffer a heavy defeat.

It is in her interests that the fratricide gripping Labour stops.  Blears has obviously concluded that if it does not, she is rather behind the curve.

We can settle back as the weekend papers give their analysis of Labour’s plight, which will no doubt culminate with a further contribution from Labour supporter Jackie Ashley on Monday.

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  1. Is a majority of 8000 enough though?

    The electorate will surely take a new look at this irritating fuckwit (I truly hate harman, but for sheer irritation, blears has her beaten) and think, hmmm she's not going to be part of the government anymore, why not check to see what the other candidates are like?

    I can understand "voting for the candidate of the party that's going to win", having your local MP in government must feel like you're going to get some special access to power, BUT...it's going to be differant next time though, isn't it?