25 February 2009

The pathetic Brown and the Thatcher portrait


Can Brown stoop any lower in his behaviour as he continues the demean the office he holds?

Today a new portrait is being unveiled of Lady Thatcher at No10.

We have already had the controversy over David Cameron's invitation, which was questioned by No10.  Now this:

The Downing Street press office said yesterday that no journalists would be allowed in to cover the event, which they insisted was private. Instead an official photograph will be released.

Brown previously invited Thatcher to Downing Street in a blaze of publicity when it suited him.  It was during that visit that the idea of the picture was suggested to Lady T by Brown.

Due to David Cameron’s presence and many of the senior staff that worked for her, no publicity is allowed.  No doubt the official picture will not be a group photo showing Brown surrounded by leading Tories.

Whatever you think of Lady Thatcher, she should be shown respect and honoured in the appropriate way on this occasion .

This is just pathetic, contemptuous and demeaning.  If Brown cannot raise above trivial matters of invites and party politics to honour Lady Thatcher, he is not fit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

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