26 February 2009

Goodwin 5 Brown 0 at half time


What is clear now is that Sir Fred Goodwin’s £650,000 pension arrangement was deliberately leaked early today, as Brown knew it would dominate the other bad news:

1.Further bail out for RBS:

2. Rendition revelations;

3. Brown’s ticking off by the Standards committee;

4. At least 10 PPS’s have signed up against the plans for the Royal Mail;

5. Mervyn King saying that debt levels were too high.

Only problem is that Goodwin will not play ball and has thrown a hand grenade back at No 10.

He will not hand back any of his pension and furthermore has said Lord Myners knew of the arrangement last October:

you indicated that you were aware of my entitlement and that no further 'gestures' would be required.

Darling  now looks a complete fool after his performance on Today.  All he had to was look in the RBS annual report.

Brown is becoming too clever by half in attempting to spin his way through a bad news day.

One step forward and now two steps back for Moses.  How he must be looking forward to his trip next week.


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  1. Shows how out of touch he really is. Brown doesn't realise we have him sussed! He still thinks we are a load of morons sitting out here getting caught up in the "headlines".

    All I think now is, that's a strange headline, wonder what the government is sneaking through by the backdoor... and sure enough..

  2. I think the government is bullying Goodwin to cover its own weaknesses: http://blog.matthewcain.co.uk/government-bullying-fred-the-shred/

  3. Matthew, That is exactly the point. The problem is now it has backfired badly.

    Sue is right, all this makes people very cynical.

  4. Robert Peston = Government stooge.