14 February 2009

What the PM does during the day


For the 3rd weekend running d'Ancona has a deadly article about Brown.  Much of what he says is obvious stuff about Brown’s unsuitability to be PM.

Do not get taken in that Moses spends his spends all his waking hours saving the economy.  d’Ancona reports:

The pettiness is the giveaway. Later this month, Gordon Brown is hosting a dinner to mark the unveiling of a new portrait of Margaret Thatcher. Naturally, No 10 asked the Iron Lady for the names of guests she wanted to attend. No less naturally, it was suggested by her office that the present Conservative leader should be invited. But when Downing Street heard that David Cameron was on the list, there was, I gather, a preposterous attempt to strike him off. Did the Prime Minister seriously think he could exclude Mr Cameron from the dinner? And on what possible grounds? No 10 backed down grumpily, and the Tory leader will indeed be attending. But the damage – to Mr Brown's dignity, principally – is already done.


When Mr Brown discovered that Owen Paterson, the Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, was being given a briefing by MI5, No 10 tried to limit the length of the meeting.

Brown just demeans his office at every turn.

If that is not enough to keep Moses off the streets, Peter Oborne speculates on what Brown is cooking up with Mandy in delaying the budget:

But there is another, more intriguing reason for the delay. Gordon Brown, acting on the advice of Peter Mandelson, wants to keep open the option of a General Election this year.

The Prime Minister hopes that U.S. President Obama's visit to Britain at the start of April for the G20 economic summit will boost his own credibility.

He wants the budget to be held in the wake of the visit and to unveil a massive boost to public spending, like the one Obama has ordered in the U.S.

Brown believes that such a ploy will isolate the Conservatives, bereft of any plausible economic alternative, and allow him to call a June General Election, which will act as a vote of confidence.

As I posted tactical Gordon is cooking something up.

Oborne may well be right in his speculation.  However after the weekend polls Brown may have a more immediate crisis on his hands.  The LibDems could overtake Labour before the G20!

In addition Brown complicity in the way HBOS has been run leading to the massive losses reported on Friday may well prove deadly to his credibility and competence.

Which ever way you look, as I keep arguing, Brown is finished.

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