19 February 2009

Campbell picks the low hanging fruit


Alastair Campbell has posted about Mandy's outburst in the States yesterday.  His argument is that is OK for Mandy to use the f word but not Boris.  Boris was feeling the strain but Mandy’s case:

was a perfect and proper use of the f word, as befits a class act on the communications front.

Pull the other one!

Some of us remember how Mandy was ditched by Campbell at the first sign of trouble.  Alastair must be feeling a sense of guilt.

Anybody who swears usually does so under strain and is feeling some pressure.  In the case of Mandy, he is sensitive to any criticism whether professional or personally.  I suppose the next step will be the acceptability of swearing at Paxman when he asks an awkward question.

Moreover, swearing by leading figures in public is not to be encouraged and to some is offensive.  The latter point is lost on Campbell.

I welcome Campbell’s blog but he is picking the low hanging fruit.  He should use his skills to examine the Government’s problems and suggest solutions.

There are far more important matters to discuss than the inexcusable use of foul language in public.  Alastair's take on some of the issues highlighted in this blog would be a start.

UPDATE: Almost forgot.  It is acceptable for Mandy to use the f word, but when Ms Thatcher uses a much more offensive word in a semi public place it is not!

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