19 February 2009

When Gordon is not saving the world….


Moses has always had fratricidal tendencies and they are getting worse.

Miliband the Younger, Alan Johnson and Harman have already had been knifed, and let us not forget wee Wendy Alexander.  In today’s New Statesman comes this anonymous briefing on Miliband the Older:

The trouble with David Miliband is that he is too grand.  He hasn't got that common touch you need as a Labour MP, especially a Labour MP who wants to lead the party. He doesn't get out there around the country enough, not like Ed Balls and James Purnell do. He doesn't mix with the MPs enough. That's why he was so battered last summer when he stepped forward to challenge Gordon.

It is not difficult either, from the names mentioned, to work out who is doing the briefings.

No doubt one Jacqui Smith will be next, in preparation for her spending more time in the “family” home.

What a happy band of united brothers we are governed by!

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