18 February 2009

Murdoch’s other mouthpiece kills off Brown


Murdoch’s voice from across the pond, Irwin Stelzer, sinks Brown in his article in the DT.

He nails him in the first para:

It is a pity that Gordon Brown has decided to substitute truculence for calm reason when confronted by his critics. For my guess is that when the history of the Brown era is written, he will realise that his defensiveness; his unwillingness to admit a single error; his dishonest effort to paint the Tories as a do-nothing party, despite the fact that some of their ideas were so sound that he filched them, detracted from his real accomplishments.

He then goes on rather, sighting examples of where Brown has failed and insulted people along the way.

Finally he puts Jackie Ashley in her place:

Most of all, there is the possibility that the Prime Minister will rise above his redistributionist, class-war predilections, and redirect his formidable intellect to solving the longer-term problems of the country – perhaps after some years spent in the wilderness, from which he might emerge as an elder statesman. Britain would be the winner. As the world might have been had the then-chancellor accepted my half-serious advice to take the open jobs as head of the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank

Now we have both Trevor Kavenagh and his opposite number saying that Brown has failed.

Is the there any further proof needed that Murdoch will back the Tories at the election?

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