28 February 2009

Labour’s spin warms up for the big event


Brown’s friends at the BBC are reporting this morning that he will renew his appeal for Goodwin to give up some of his pension.  No doubt he has been told that the chances of legal action succeeding over this are slim.  Everything will be done this weekend by Labour's spin operation to ensure that Goodwin remains centre stage, rather than Lord Myners or the role of the Treasury.

Moreover the spin for Brown’s trip next week starts to roll in various press articles.  He departs for the States on Monday.  One can only imagine how tightly choreographed this trip will be to show Brown as a world statesman and Obama’s new best friend.

imagePerhaps the American media should concentrate on a report that UK High Streets are becoming ghost towns as the recession takes hold.

If that does not take their fancy, then how about Brown’s poll ratings, the fact the the Cabinet is at war or that Brown has little credibility left.

How I would love to see the US ambassador's briefing from the Court of St James on Moses.  Any chance of a copy?

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