18 February 2009

Mandy has lost it


Mandy should have just ignored what Starbucks chairman Howard Schulz said:

Unemployment, the subprime mortgage crisis specifically in the UK, and I think consumer confidence in the UK is very, very poor.

Mandy commented (no four-letter words on this blog):

Why should I have that guy running down the country?

He is not running down the country, he just telling it how it is.

So now Schulz’s words get wide publicity.

Good stuff Peter.  Pressure and sensitivity are obviously not your strong points.

Moses must be very happy!

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  1. It's all gone Pete Tong for the Dark Lord. Satan must be so disappointed...

  2. "I think consumer confidence in the UK is very, very poor". "Well Mildred, thirs no dragon fruit on the shelves this week, whatever shall wee do"?

    Hilarious! We'll be running from tazer-totting micro-chipped Nazi polis presently...

    Events? Naw... Conspiracy!

    PS. Manhandleson is a Rothschild illigit...