15 February 2009

John Rentoul does Blair's bidding


Rentoul continues to do the Blairite’s bidding for them.  Today not only in his weekly column but in his blog, he puts the case for Alan Johnson as the man to rescue Labour.  Obviously this is the Blairite faction’s new wease.  Then he talks himself out of his solution saying it won’t happen.

The problem Rentoul has is he can’t get over Blair.  He bangs on incessantly about him on his blog, raising trivial issues that have no relevance in defence of his hero .

Rentoul needs to understand when an era ends it ends.  There is no going back, nor is there much point talking up a non-workable solution.

If Alan Johnson is the solution to Labour’s problems, I will eat my hat.

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  1. Who is the Blairite? And what is a wease? Your readers should be told. Good blog though.
    John Rentoul
    Edible Hats Inc.

  2. You are the Blairite? Your articles give the impression that you see matters through that prism.

    Labour's problem is Brown, as I keep saying, and there now nothing the party can do. Time has run out. It is not sustainable that there could be two unelected PM's in the same parliament.

    Looking back it is plain that the when Blair went Labour should have had a debate and an election.

    Labour need generational change. Johnson may have the right attack lines for Cameron but it is too late. My guess is that it will be Balls or Ed Miliband. I am not convinced about Purnell.

    PS. I should have said rant rather than wease.