22 February 2009

Chris Mullin joins The Fratricide Party


Have a laugh if you can’t sleep over the excitement of  Brown’s forthcoming trip to see Obama.

Chris Mullin has diary extracts in the Mail on Sunday:

The introduction:

Inevitably, a work of this sort entails the breaching of confidences.  In my defence I can only say that where they are political rather than personal, I have taken the view that any duty of confidentiality has been nullified by the elapse of time.

I wonder where Mullin has been this week?

On Yvette Cooper:

Bright and pleasant, but a swot rather than a natural talent. Lacks the magic to reach the top.

On Mandelson:

Peter's up to his tricks again. Why can't he keep his trap shut? He can't bear not being the centre of attention.

On Prescott:

hopelessly insecure and afraid of being shown up by his underlings.

…..has no concept of how to get the best out of people. His idea of conferring is to lie slumped in an armchair and deliver, at breakneck speed, a series of diatribes on whatever has hit him on the way into work in the morning.

On Moses:

Gordon Brown was determined to get rid of any rivals.

The trail leads back to Gordon - but if it all goes wrong he'll be nowhere to be seen...

‘mirthless’, ‘obsessive’, ‘paranoid’ and ‘megalomaniac’

Beneath it all lurks the same old Gordon who still bites his nails; the same mirthless smile, switching on and off like a neon sign.

A Blair aide on Moses:

Gordon is obsessive, paranoid, secretive and lacking in personal skills.

You can read the extracts here if you want.

Mullin has already announced he is not standing at the next election.  A wise decision, old son!

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