22 February 2009

Brown is not listening to advice


Last week Mandy, in the released text of a speech, was quoted as saying:

Labour is in a tough place politically as he urges his cabinet colleagues not to create a media frenzy every day with initiatives to combat the recession.

Brown in the coming week may:

ban 100 percent mortgages;

provide a cash injection of £10 billion for Northern Rock;

start a £100 billion programme of "quantitative easing"; and

establish a "bad bank".

The cost of all this could be a staggering £500 billion.

Leaving aside whether these “initiatives” should have happened earlier, is Brown really listening to advice?  Mandy was ordered to change his speech at the last minute, presumably on the orders of No.10.

Whether no one is listening to Brown is one thing, but if he has stopped listening to advice it is quite another, and very dangerous for him.  It will isolate even more him from his Cabinet.

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