19 February 2009

Goodbye Jacqui, Hello David

A better Newsnight!


They had Sir Alistair Graham, Former Chairman of the Standards Committee on.  He said:

Even if Jacqui Smith was found to have followed the rules over expenses, her political career would still be in jeopardy.

The rules are very specific, it's about how many nights you reside there. But when you're a senior Cabinet minister, it's about perception - particularly in these economic times.

It must not look as if you're manipulating expenses for your own financial gain.

If it is found Ms Smith resides in her London home more nights a week than her Redditch home, he said: "She'll be in the clear in the sense of the rules, but in the sense of her political career - she won't be.”

Good bye Jacqui.  Hello David Blunkett.  Moses needs you.  The country does not.

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1 comment:

  1. I was going to make some rather silly remarks about the man with one eye being king in the land of the blind. But that would be puerile.

    But it is blindingly obvious that Jacqui is, and always has been, way out of her depth as Home Secretary. So maybe it's a good opportunity for her to step down and spend more time with her family. As for Blunkett, however much he appears on our airwaves, he is still a pompous pontificating prat.