13 February 2009

Which leader do you prefer?

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Both Brown and Cameron commented about the 13 year old father story.


I don't know the individual circumstances of the case, but of course we all want to avoid teenage pregnancies.


When I saw these pictures this morning, I just thought how worrying that in Britain today children are having children.

I hope that somehow these children grow up into responsible parents but the truth is parenthood is just not something they should even be thinking about right now.

Brown just cannot do empathy.  He probably was not expected to be asked the question therefore did not have a prepared sound bite.  Very sad.

It does not take much thought on who will perform better in an election!

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  1. does it matter (performing better in an election) when
    all relevant guvernationory powers have been passed over to Bruxelles ?

  2. An important point, my friend "Events..". Cameron is not an automaton when it comes to addressing the human condition. Whereas Brown always phrases his responses with an eye (no sick pun intended, I assure you) to the political advantage he might win or lose.

  3. Everything you say about Brown is true. And Cameron is very impressive at this kind of thing. He even does it well in person, without seeming insincere. But don't let your guards down, remember how slick Blair was.