06 September 2009

An unhappy Chancellor spells trouble


As body language expert would say, “The person on the left is not happy with the one on the right.  He proves this by looking into the distance with a glum expression, paying no attention to what is being said.”

And so it would seem.  Darling is unimpressed with Brown’s claim that the bank bailout saved 500,000 jobs.  A Treasury source said:

The PM is like a drowning man who will clutch at anything to save his skin. No10 is always asking us to support publicity stunts or launch bogus attacks on the Tories based on highly questionable figures. Most of them are pointless.

Alistair is not prepared to go along with it. He will do what is right for the country and wherever possible what is right for Labour. He is not going to cut corners because No10 is in a panic.

What a choice of words, “wherever possible what is right for Labour”.  In other words, “whenever Brown gets involved it does nothing but harm to Labour”.

It is a toxic mix having a Prime Minister and Chancellor who are not happy with each other.  Funny, you would have thought Brown would learnt that lesson.

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