08 September 2009

More proof that the fight is worth it

Another day, another poll.  This just hits you:

A majority (53 per cent) of the public say they may change their mind about how they will vote at the general election. The Tory vote appears to be the most solid, with 34 per cent of Tory supporters saying they may change their mind, compared with 51 per cent of those who intend to vote Labour and 56 per cent of those who support the Liberal Democrats.

Less than two-thirds (64 per cent) of people who voted Labour at the last general election say they would back the party now. The Green Party is marginally more popular than the Tories among those who intend to vote for a different party.

How much more convincing does Labour need?  The game changer will not be scraping Trident or fiddling around with the public finances.  The game changer will be making the change to a new leader.

Perhaps these words should be written on Labour MPs’ bathroom mirrors, “Brown will lead you to a catastrophic defeat at the election.  What are you going to do to stop it happening?’

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