01 September 2009

It is written. Brown has “courage and empathy”

Strange thoughts have entered the brain cells of some  of our leading commentators over the summer.  Exhibit One today is this piece from Mary Riddell.  In case you may become confused, the article is all about Brown.

Clearly, she has forgotten to remove the ear plugs after her plane trip back from holiday:

There is, for now at least, no talk of any challenge to his leadership.

Quickly moving on to this jaw-dropping remark:

The void, exemplified in the silence over Megrahi, is one of courage and empathy.  Mr Brown does not lack either quality, however much his critics pretend otherwise.

She warms to her theme:

What hampers him is a crippling cautiousness that might be termed the Brown paradox. In seeking not to court dislike, he risks becoming less popular than ever.

And on what he now must do:

The Prime Minister should use his return to sweep away all secrecy and speak his mind on Libya.

Finally, sanity prevails:

As the back-to-work polls are warning him, he has nothing but an election left to lose.

Aren't you glad this stuff is still available to read free on-line.

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