14 September 2009

Hold the front pages

imageWe will have to start all over again with strategies about what is best for Labour at the next election.  It could be that AJ4PM may not be the best idea after all.  Why?  Because the news of the day is that Cherie Blair will campaign for Labour at the next election:

I will personally get involved in the electoral campaign.

She goes further and suggests Brown can still win:

Certainly – I'm an optimist.

Is she having second thoughts about her former neighbour after she said, “Well, that's a lie” in response to Brown at at the 2006 party conference?  It could be that she is lonely and her mind is wandering:

For the moment, I see Tony very little.  He spends at least 10 days a month in the Middle East in his position as mediator.

Could this be the game changer that Brown has been looking for?  Will the polls now move in Labour’s favour?  Or, as seems more likely, will the news cause Tory morale to sky rocket?

The world awaits the verdict of our ‘leading’ commentators!

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  1. Aha!



    Cameron must be pissing himself.

  2. No wonder Obo is laughing, I've just read that and couldn't believe it.

    DC must be thinking all his birthdays have come at once.