13 September 2009

Derek Simpson did not enjoy Chequers

No doubt egged on by Mandy’s arch rival, Charlie Whelan, Derek Simpson declares:

Mandelson's extremely capable, there's no two ways about that. But I don't think we needed him. The way we're going, he [Brown] is going to be the Prime Minister whose party is slaughtered. The only way he can win is to adopt policies that mean standing up to Mandelson, taking on the right of the party. He's nothing to lose because he's going to lose anyway.

One wonders what Derek ‘no judgement’ Simpson would have made of the past 12 months if Mandy hadn't returned?  Moving onto Brown:

I am as satisfied with Gordon as I can be with any of them. I don't see anybody else that could have done as well, and there are many who would have done a lot worse.

It would have been a lot simpler if Derek had just quoted Rab Butler’s remark about Eden, “He is the best Prime Minister we have”.

Oh, for these non-first class brains that occupy the seats of power in the union movement.  Have they learnt anything since 1979?

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1 comment:

  1. Simpson has another whole year at the top.
    Maybe more if he can wriggle out of having to stand down.
    I wouldn't be surprised.