10 September 2009

All Cameron has to do is nothing

He writes well does Matthew Norman and he never fails to impress.  Apart from going on rather too long about whether Brown is on antidepressants, Norman concludes that Our Dear Leader will survive and then:

Six months of internecine skirmishing between the rump armies of puritan Brownites and cavalier Blairites will ensue, while Gordon pursues his own fight (also lost) with the increasingly independent Alistair Darling over how frank to be with us about the extent of hardship ahead. Both will rejoice to tell us that the recession is over, but with the rise in employment lagging miles behind any recovery this will do them little good. In fact, it will do them harm. If the economy is back in growth, or about to be, they lose their most effective argument against voting in those novice Tories.

Yes, indeed.  What this does is re-emphasise the point that governments do not get re-elected on the back of an economic recovery.  Of course, Brown is in a no win situation here.  If we do not emerge from recession before the election his credibility is sunk, as he is on record in saying this would happen.

It is when Norman moves on to Cameron that he hits the bulls eye:

Like a boxer with a huge points lead as the bell for the final round clangs, all he has to do is coast and hide his chin. He knows he need do nothing to win well, and doing nothing other than affect an aura of paternalistic competence will, we must assume, be the hallmark of his administration.

Got it.  That is all Our Dave has to do, just hang on to that Ming vase.  Over the next four agenda setting weeks that is the conference season, we will see if he can.

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