03 March 2009

What is the truth about Fred Goodwin?

The size of Goodwin’s pension has “suddenly” gone up.  We know now that he was “advising” the Treasury up until 5 weeks ago.

Is it possible, just this once, that the Government could tell as the truth about this sorry saga.  Then we can all move on.

Is it totally beyond hope that we will one day get the truth out of this Government!

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1 comment:

  1. This post is about the behaviour of the board which agreed Goodwin's's pension in the full knowledge that by doing so they were also ensuring that their own pensions would comparable. Is this not a conspiracy by the board which enabled them to grant themselves very large "fair & reasonable" pensions compared with that of G?
    Is this a correct reading of the situation? Shouldn't ALL of the pensions of that board be scrutinised?
    Why doesn't the Government discuss this possibility, even if only to dismiss it?