04 March 2009

The Cabinet and Labour MPs have given up. What is the solution?

Alice Miles asks if the country can bear another 14 months of Brown and she calls for an early election.  Some hope.  She quotes a Cabinet Minister:

Not even ministers are sure they can endure it: one member of the Cabinet told me recently that, despite the hell of being in opposition, he could hardly wait for the election to get away from the misery and directionlessness of the Brown regime: “Gordon doesn't start from a position of conviction, he just wants to create dividing lines with the Conservatives.”

From Jonathan Freedland:

I'm told one cabinet minister recently approached a leading figure in British business armed with a pressing and personal question, one he admitted he wanted to ask before his fellow ministers got in ahead of him: "How do I get a job in the private sector?"

Worrying indicators from people who should be dealing with the financial mess they helped create.

John Rentoul says much the same:

Many MPs have given up and are looking to the quiet life of opposition or retirement. Others are devoting themselves with alarming energy to the occupation of plotting which of the Eds, Harriet, David or James will inherit the wreckage after the wreck.

His solution:

There is still time to get Alan Johnson in as Prime Minister and limit the electoral damage. As I have discussed before, the Conservatives face a formidable electoral barrier to winning an outright majority, and the best way to help them surmount it is to keep Gordon Brown in office.

This analysis may well be right.  Rentoul has had doubts about Brown from the start.

As I have said before, is the replacement of Brown feasible?  How will the Labour achieve this?  Is having two unelected PMs in one parliament sustainable?  How does Labour overcome it’s complex leadership election rules?

I have concluded previously that it is all too late in any case.  Labour is stuck with Brown and heading for electoral disaster.

Alice Miles says the present situation cannot continue, especially after events at the White House.  Rentoul asks if Labour will do what is takes in the best interests of the country.  Will it and how can this be achieved?

One good speech from Brown today will do nothing to solve Labour's dilemma.

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  1. Brown has waited a long time for his position as PM. He will not give it up easily. He will have to be overthrown, he won't go willingly that I am certain of. The man is almost certainly insane!