03 March 2009

A national embarrassment


It's a 'shambles' or Obamashambles.  These are just two of the headlines hitting the blogosphere over the non-press conference.  Clearly there was never going to be one and No10 spun a porky.  The press pack must be in a lovely mood having flown 3000 odd miles for a non-event.

I bet Brown did not want this said by his new best friend:

We together have dug a very deep hole for ourselves. There were a lot of bad decisions that were made. We are cleaning up that mess.

Dear me.  Perhaps Obama had heard the comments from John Kingman:

If the suggestion is that the Tripartite should have foreseen everything that happened, plainly it failed.

Image and perception are everything.  It just looked so awful on TV.  Bad camera work, bad sound with microphones sticking out all over the place.  Obama clearly was just going through the motions and Brown came with prepared sound bites.

The damage is done.  From when Brown was being made up on the plane to one of the most badly organised media events of recent times, Brown’s day looks undignified.

What was No10 thinking by announcing a press conference that clearly wasn't going to happen?

Brown and the whole No10 operation are a national embarrassment.

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