05 March 2009

Pathetic Prescott: Return your pension please.


This from the man that used to be Deputy Prime Minister:

….the visit reminds me of my trip to the White House. Shortly after 9/11, I flew to Washington to offer our support. I was ushered into a room but Vice President Dick Cheney wasn't there. I was told he would speak to me on a video link.

When he face came up on the screen I asked him where he was as it sounded as if he was in a cave or bunker. He replied that he was in a 'secure location.'

So I said: "You must know now what it's like to be Bin Laden?"

I don't think he or our red-socked fop of an ambassador at the time found that very funny.

Have you ever heard of anything more juvenile.

Perhaps Prescott should be asked to return his £1.5m pension pot for the way he represented the UK, and for other little local difficulties whilst in office!

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