05 March 2009

Cheap, trivial, gimmicky and silly


To avoid say sorry himself, Brown sends the boy Balls out to bat to admit that mistakes were made:

This is not about apologies. This is saying very clearly we strengthened regulation in our country in the last 10 years. We set up the Financial Services Authority, legislated against Conservative opposition to have stronger regulation. I look back and I'm happy to say it wasn't tough enough... The truth is regulation wasn't tough enough. We underestimated some of those risks but don't forget that every time we were doing this, we were opposed by not just many City figures but also the Conservative opposition who said we were being too tough, too heavy-handed and who wanted less regulation.

Now the Tories have set up a web site, Sorry From Gordon, which allows people to write their own apology for him.

Labour have used the Goodwin issue as a smokescreen for bad news, now the Tories are using the same principle when they should be attacking the Government relentlessly.

It is cheap, trivial, gimmicky and silly.

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