06 March 2009

The Labour family feud


It seems to that Campbell and Prescott are attempting to settle some old scores with Adam Bolton:

Sky's political editor Adam Boulton can add "self-obsessed" to the list of his qualities - vain, feral, pathetic - outlined by former deputy PM John Prescott.

Tony Blair's former spin-meister Alastair Campbell calls Adam's response to an attack on him by Prescott "a sad spectacle" and says he should have better things to do with his time.

Regular readers of Boulton & Co. will know that this is the latest instalment in an argument between Prescott and Adam.

For more information read Prescott's blog here, Adam's response here and Campbell's intervention here.

Campbell’s and Prescott continue to raise issues that are of little relevance to the majority of people.  Why don’t they tackle the current issues facing the Labour party and financial mess that Brown and Co are responsible for?

Finally ask yourself who Boulton is married to.  One Anji Hunter, a  close friend of Blair and his former gate keeper at No 10.

Is this spat another example of Labour's fratricidal tendencies?

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1 comment:

  1. "Is this spat another example of Labour's fratricidal tendencies?"

    Yes, Dear Boy! Precisely that. Sit back and watch them disappear up their own fundamentals. They are in self-destruct mode now and nothing will stop the process.