01 March 2009

Robert Peston: stop spinning for Brown


The Indy sets out in a long article the fact that Goodwin’s pension arrangements were deliberately leaked to Robert Peston to provide a smokescreen for the bad news news of last week.  Obvious stuff as I posted here and here.

The article than goes on to demolish the argument that the Government only new of Goodwin’s pension arrangements until recently:

An RBS source said yesterday that Lord Myners, and therefore the government, had full knowledge that the pension was a contractual obligation. Another source said: "I was in the room when Lord Myners was talking to Sir Tom McKillop, the former chairman, over the phone that weekend in October, the 11th and 12th, when the talks took place and Sir Tom made it quite plain that Sir Fred was entitled to his pension." An RBS spokesman added: "The fuss being kicked up now by the Government is complete nonsense as it has known since October that Sir Fred's pension would be this amount."

The BBC and Robert Peston in particular need to stop doing the Government's bidding.  This is not the first time that Peston has used his blog as part of Labour’s spin operation.  It is becoming rather transparent and should stop.

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