03 March 2009

Rachel, Darling and the polls on reality Tuesday


While Moses and the media pack clock up some air miles, back in reality land, these little nuggets hit the press.

Rachel Sylvester gives Brown some home truths about managing the recession, rather than fiddling around with the global vision thing.  This stands out:

During one recent conference call involving Ed Balls and Lord Mandelson the Prime Minister was pressed repeatedly to deal with a list of specific issues but kept turning the conversation to his plan to create a new economic world order. “He's happiest talking about global financial institutions; that's where he's comfortable. But people want concrete answers to the problems they're facing right now,” says one strategist. “It's back to the dither thing.” Indeed, it did not take a new global financial framework to force America, France and Germany to impose a cap on bank bonuses - they did it, while the Government in this country did not.

Here is the proof of the real divisions within the Cabinet.  His two closest chums are far from happy.

Meanwhile Darling concedes:

There are some very hard questions to be asked about the regulatory model we have operated for the last few years.


If there is a fault, it is our collective responsibility. All of us have to have the humility to accept that over the last few years, things got out of alignment.

About time.  What is the reasoning for saying this today?  Is Darling preparing the ground for a Brown apology or stirring it up whilst he is away?

Meanwhile a poll gives the Tories a 16% lead with a majority saying the Tories are most trusted with the economy.

Should we expect any of these little matters to be raised with Brown while he escapes for a few days?  I wouldn't bet on it!

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