02 March 2009

Goodbye to reality UK


Moses has not even arrived in the States and we have rumours about what gifts he will give Obama and that he summon “the spirit of Churchill” when he speaks to Congress, so says the chief BBC cheerleader Nick Robinson.

Meanwhile back at base the FTSE drops over 200 points; more firms go into administration; the purchasing index showed output levels at the lowest since 1992 ; and 140,000 manufacturing jobs could be lost this year.

Apart from publicity and maybe a temporary boost in the polls, what will this visit achieve?

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  1. Everything else aside . . .just look at the two of them side by side. There's absolutely no comparison. Brown needs to go. He's a national embarrassment.

  2. Well, the only gift that I have heard rumoured that Brown might give Obama is a bogey — hence Rich and Mark's Marigold-enhanced cartoon