06 March 2009

Good stuff from Osborne

Osborne is hitting the right buttons in a speech he is to give to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce:

It means telling people that they can't rely on massive increases in house prices to fund their retirement, and that they will have to save for a deposit to buy their own home. It means pointing out that increasing profits through ever-higher debts is not a sustainable way to build a business.

The unsustainable debts in our banks are a reflection of unsustainable debts in our households, our companies and our government. Our economy is broken and Gordon Brown's sticking plasters won't mend it. We need a new model of growth.

This sober assessment is the correct strategy.  Osborne is absolutely right to tell voters some home truths and address their real concerns.

Voters want matters set out in a way they understand and can identify with.  What people don't want is to be brainwashed by Labour’s endless stream of initiates that are not understood and are in the main meaningless.

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