10 March 2009

Why does Mandy do it?


Mandy is at it again.  The guy has enough problems with the part sell off of the Royal Mail, so why court further controversy?

Yesterday he stirs up the migrant workers issue again:

The nationals coming here from the original eight new accession countries are helping to fill gaps in our labour market our British nationals are either not available to fill or are unwilling to fill.

One can only conclude that there has not been an adverse effect on the employment of British nationals.

On the contrary, the addition to our workforce of EU nationals has filled jobs and vacancies that would otherwise have remained very difficult to fill by British nationals.

What evidence does Mandy have that British nationals are not willing to fill these jobs?

Why does Mandy always have to be the centre of attention?  Why does he choose to inflame the unions at this time?  The guy is his own worst enemy.

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  1. Once again the solcialist political class fail to grasp why brits don't take jobs. The govt pays them to sit at home. Socialist idealism makes them incapable of believeing that anyone would choose to stay on benefits, even though they are masters of a system that removes £1 benefit for every £1 earned in a minimum wage job. Forget sending them all 1984, how about sending them the tax and benefit tables?

  2. Totally out of touch, he's living on a different planet. Tell the unemployed they either take a job available or they don't get benefit. Simple!