09 March 2009

The Tories start to “seal the deal”

The latest Populus poll reports these figures:

CON 42%(nc), LAB 30%(+2), LDEM 19%(+1)

As usual Anthony Wells has the best analysis.  He gives this comment on the figures:

The last couple of polls have shown Labour staging a slight recovery. This particular poll took place after Gordon Brown’s visit to the USA and his address to Congress, and after a period where the Conservatives have been largely silence while David Cameron mourns his son. Populus asked specifically about Brown’s visit to Washington - 25% said it made them feel more positive about Brown, 13% less positive - but as usual with questions like this, most of those people saying it made them more positive about Brown were people who are Labour voters anyway.

What will be interesting will be the next set of polls taken after Cameron’s return.  My guess these will show a widening Tory lead.

If Brown can’t do better than this with all the publicity he has had of late, then the Tories have started to “seal the deal” with voters during Cameron’s absence.  As for the LibDems, they are wasting time with their game theories.

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