04 March 2009

Now back to reality


You're a better person than me if you think Brown will get a “bounce” after this speech.  It was standard Brown, full of quickly forgotten sound bites for the evening news and utter gibberish.  There is this:

For the lesson of this crisis is that we cannot just wait for tomorrow today. We cannot just think of tomorrow today. We cannot merely plan for tomorrow today. Our task must be to build tomorrow today.

Whatever that means.

Now he has the little problem of getting agreement at the G20 for his “vision thing”.  Gaby Hinscliff reports:

Obama – while he would rather have a good summit than a bad one – doesn't need a deal in the same way. The concern in senior diplomatic circles is that the summit has come too early to secure the kind of deal Brown needs.

The US president is not going to be rushed into snap decisions on critical issues just because Brown wants a convenient triumph to use as a springboard for June's elections.  The worry is that Obama will turn up, look willing, but politely refuse to make decisions on a number of key issues just yet – leaving Britain scrabbling around for stuff to pad out the final summit communique.

So now it is back to reality for Brown after the farce at the White House yesterday.  Back to a Cabinet that has given up; back to recession hit UK; back to dealing with Goodwin’s pension; back to dealing with Harman’s ambitions (plus her gaffe in the Commons) and Darling’s desire for an apology; and back to those poll ratings.

Oh and then there is Brown’s continuing refusal to to accept any blame for the financial mess we are in.

Two days away in “the land of the free” have solved very little for James Gordon Brown.

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