09 March 2009

Desperate Brown and the newspaper editors


Stephen Glover’s weekly media article in The Indy is always worth a read.  This week he argues that the next election will not be decided by the newspapers.

Brown's spat with the press on his journey to Washington was widely reported and is best described by Guido

According to Glover, Brown’s relationship with the newspaper editors is not that good:

Gordon Brown is personally telephoning editors more than he has ever done before, trying to make sense for them of the bewildering array of Government initiatives, and to convince them that everything will turn out for the best. It all looks a bit desperate, and I don't suppose it will do him much good.

Then this little gem made me laugh:

Mr Brown, despite his best efforts, cannot excite much enthusiasm among old friends on the Left. It cannot be long before columnists such as Polly Toynbee and Jackie Ashley on The Guardian turn against him – as they did last autumn. This time they will have to be absolutely sure that he is finished since, having ditched and picked him up again once before, they can hardly do so again without appearing idiotic.

Glover should not worry that much about Ashley.  She has already made an idiot of herself.

Glover is correct that the election will not be decided by the newspapers.  However they could do him great damage, as he has to depend on them to get his message across.

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