08 March 2009

Brown will rubbish Hain or give him a job


Peter Hain is all over the papers saying:

We as a Labour government need to look to the future not the past ten years.

We are in a different era. If we want to be the government for the next five years, assuming there is an election next year, we are going to have to offer a very different prospectus or the people won't buy it.

It's not about going back to Old Labour, those days are gone. But just saying we want more of New Labour is not enough. More of the same is not going to be enough.

A direct criticism of Mandy over the Royal Mail sell off.

Then he gets his begging bowl out:

I didn't step down because I had been an unsuccessful minister or past my shelf life. I stepped down in surreal circumstances. I have cleared my name.

So yeah, if the opportunity arose and Gordon wants me to do something that really makes a difference then I would happily do that.

So will Gordon give him a job or rubbish him?  My guess is that Hain will get killed off and it will happen pretty quickly.  I expect Mandy will brief the press or offer his unique interpretation on what Hain said during his interview with Marr.

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