01 June 2009

Would Alan Johnson still want the job?

MORI’s monthly political monitor has been released:

CON 40%(-1), LAB 18%(-10!), LDEM 18%(-4).

Anthony Wells reports:

The record for Labour’s lowest ever score in the polls seems to be getting broken anew every time a new poll comes out. As with other recent Westminster polls, there is a high level of support for “other” parties. Here it is divided between 6% for the Greens, 7% for UKIP, 4% for the BNP and 4% for the SNP & PC.

Sadly MORI do not appear to have asked a European voting intention question as part of this poll.

The answer to the above question is yes.  If the above figures are reflected in the local election results later this week, Johnson may not have any choice.

UPDATE: Anthony Wells is dismissive of the latest ComRes poll in the Indy.

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