08 June 2009

Walk to oblivion with Labour

Apart from Jane Kennedy and Frank Field, is that it.  Does Labour now sleepwalk to oblivion as Brown and Mandy continue to “terrorise” Labour MPs.  Field:

Labour cannot win with the present Prime Minister. I was one of the seven who would not support his coronation after Tony Blair was shoehorned out of Number 10. But even I didn't think a Brown administration would be as inept as this one.

The Brownites are attempting to terrorise Labour MPs into inaction. If they succeed then we deserve our fate.

It is simply absurd to argue, as does No. 10, that the next leader must call an immediate general election. A new leader, when being invited by the Queen to form a government, should inform the Monarch that he or she intends to return in April of next year to call for a General Election on May 6.

The new Prime Minister would make that a part of a message brought back from the Palace.

And now Andrew Sparrow is reporting that Caroline Flint has dropped out of speaking at a Progress rally tonight.

Maybe yesterday was a bad dream and didn't happen.  That David Dimbleby.  He really does tell a good bedtime story.

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