06 June 2009

What Mandy really thinks of Brown

The NOTW has a marvellous scoop of what Mandy thought of Brown back in January 2008.  He sent some e-mails to the one and only Derek Draper:

A new public persona cannot be glued onto him.

Claims he is "complex", unable to hide his insecurities and too self-conscious. He also says he has no strategic direction.

Brown is too obsessed with celebrity gimmicks instead of telling voters what he actually stands for.

Voters are put off because they think Brown is "angry".

Mandy has admitted the e-mails do exist and were sent.

The same article quotes this from an exchange Mandy had with Miliband on Thursday night:

On reaching David Miliband, he did a deal straight away, saying: "You'll stay on as Foreign Secretary.

An eye-witness says he added: "I know Brown has behaved like a b****** and has got to change. But we're the only people who can keep Tony Blair's flame alive and keep his mission going from the inside.

If you stand down there will be a civil war in the Labour Party and we'll lose a General Election.

I would love to know how Mandy thinks Labour can win with Brown.  He must be a very clever man.


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