06 June 2009

Labour members say Brown should go

YouGov for Channel 4 News has a poll of Labour party members:

In a damning verdict on the prime minister, the number of members who think he should step down before the next election is greater than the number who want him to stay.

And more than one in five think he should go now. Two thirds believe Mr Brown is not able to communicate his ideas effectively to the public - and almost half think he is weak and indecisive.

How long do you think Gordon should stay as Labour leader?  
He should step down immediately 21
He should stay for the time being but step down before the next general election 26
He should lead Labour into the next general election 46
Don’t know


On who should succeed Brown:

If Gordon Brown does step down before the next election, who should succeed him?  
Alan Johnson 35
David Miliband 12
Harriet Harman 8
Jon Cruddas 7
Ed Balls 3
Ed Miliband 2
James Purnell 2
Some other Labour MP 9
Don’t know 22

On who can win the next election for Labour:

Do you think Labour can win the next general election under Gordon Brown? Brown Johnson
Do you think Labour can win the next election under Alan Johnson? % %
Yes, Labour is likely to win under him 16 16
Yes, it is possible but not likely for Labour to win under him 45 48
No, it is not possible for Labour to win under him 32 19
Don’t know 7 17

So, 32% of Labour members don't think Labour can win under Brown and 47% don't think he should lead Labour at the election.  Significantly, Labour members believe the next election is already lost.

How much more evidence does the Labour party need before they replace Brown?  The European election results should hopefully do the job.

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