03 June 2009

Nobody knows what is going on – sleep well

Jack Straws says he will not stand.  Alan Johnson denies he can do a better job than Brown:

He is doing the job and there is absolutely no one who could do that job better.

A letter circulates calling on Brown to quit:

Dear Gordon,

Over the last 12 years in government, and before, you have made an enormous contribution to this country and to the Labour Party, and this is very widely acknowledged.

However we are writing now because we believe that in the current political situation, you can best serve the Labour Party and the country by stepping down as party leader and prime minister, and so allowing the party to choose a new leader to take us into the next general election.



Ben Brogan says that most of the Cabinet want Brown to go, that the Cabinet reshuffle is pencilled in for Monday and wonders if Darling will be the one to tell Brown it is all over.

Paul Waugh blogs and says Brown has been advised to pre-announce a Spring 2010 election.

Mandy spends the day manipulating the media.

Brown meets John Reid to talk about football!

The best thing we can all do is have a a good night’s sleep.

In case you have forgotten it is election day tomorrow.  Will how you vote make a difference to whether Brown survives?  Probably not.

Sweet dreams.

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