07 June 2009

Jackie Ashley: Brown should go

Mrs Marr calls for Brown to stand down in her column that will appear in Monday’s Guardian:

There is now only one person who can save the Labour party. And he is Gordon Brown. Only he stands between the party he loves and its utter ­collapse. That's the No 10 view, and I have only one, tiny, disagreement with it: to save Labour the prime minister should go, not stay. And he should do so this morning.

Now we are back to the rumours that Jackie is so fond of quoting in her columns:

One of the significant rumours flying round yesterday was that Brown had already booked a visit to Buckingham Palace this morning, ready to resign at last on the basis of terrible European results.


Why might Brown decide the game is up? Because he is actually a clever and politically well-read man. He is not bonkers. His political creed is a decent one. But he has a brutal side to him and he is brutally unsuited to the smooth media age. And the people have spoken. They won't ever warm to him, and they no longer admire him. He could still summon up a wry and regretful speech to admit what is obvious, and go with dignity. The day he does, his reputation will begin to rise again.

Don't dismiss this as just another media pundit giving her views.  Ashley’s roots inside the Labour party are very deep, her father being the former Labour MP Jack Ashley.  This is a significant intervention.

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  1. No, no it is not.

    One extra unexpected backbencher would be worth more.