02 June 2009

The Guardian calls on Brown to go

The Guardian said the other day vote LibDems in the European elections.  Tomorrow, in a powerful leader, the paper calls on Brown to go:

The truth is that there is no vision from him, no plan, no argument for the future and no support. The public see it. His party sees it. The cabinet must see it too, although they are not yet bold enough to say so. The prime minister demands loyalty, but that has become too much to ask of a party, and a country, that was never given the chance to vote for him. Had there been a contest for the leadership in 2007 - and had Mr Brown called a general election - he would probably have won. He decided not to do these things. And he has largely failed since.

In conclusion:

All must agree that the die is cast and a hard judgment made. Otherwise progressive politics will be dragged down at a general election in May 2010 that could lead to a much bigger defeat than Labour suffered in 1979. That might bring a chance for other parties to take it forward, as the Liberal Democrats are trying to do in this election. But they are not placed to enter government. Labour has a year left before an election; its current leader would waste it. It is time to cut him loose.

What the Guardian says has to be taken seriously simply because so many Labour MPs and supporters read the paper.

We are nearly there but not quite.  As I have discussed previously, Mandy is a pivotal figure in all this.  Will he still back Brown after Thursday?

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