03 June 2009

Brown’s last PMQs?

I have been critical of Nick Robinson in the past.  Today he is spot on Hazel Blears’s resignation:

Deliberate, calculated and with intent.

Brown's misjudgement was waiting to reshuffle until after the June elections.

Mandy has taken to the airwaves and is staying loyal at the moment:

It is a challenge to the Prime Minister and the whole government to keep our nerve at a time when we have got to come through a genuine crisis in our politics. We've got to clean up this system, we've got to clean up the mess and that's exactly what the Prime Minister is getting on with.

What's happening to some of our ministers is a very difficult blowback of the crisis over MPs expenses.

I don't think anyone seeing him just performing in Prime Ministers questions would regard the Prime Minister as being in trouble. The leader of opposition David Cameron didn't lay glove on him.

What now?  The Guardian has the scoop:

A group of rebel MPs have begun soliciting signatures for a round robin letter calling for Gordon Brown to step down, which they plan to hand to the prime minister after the results of the local and European elections have come in on Monday morning.

The rebels are deeply irritated that news of the plot has emerged, knowing that the charge of disloyalty ahead of the elections will dissuade as many as a score of backbenchers from joining their ranks.

At the beginning of the week 50 MPs were said to have agreed to sign the letter with the ambition that the number would rise to 80 before it was sent to Brown.

It looks like Hazel will not get her ‘Geoffrey Howe moment’!

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